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We are KILILANDBEYOND look to uncover destinations with hideaways to offer a unique take on adventure safari in Tanzania, have fantasies of spending your vacation in Tanzania Soul of Africa. Apart from being the land of peace, harmony and political stability in Africa, Tanzania is also the land of famous legendary Mt Kilimanjaro of exotic species, Selous game reserve, Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro Conservation authority, drenched Zanzibar and Mafia Island of the proud and colourful massai of white sand and turquoise sea.

Nowhere in Africa will you see such wildlife, experience such a fascinating mix of cultural, meet such hunting beautiful scenery.

Exploring the northern circuit of Tanzania, Kilimanjaro mountain the tallest mountain in Africa ,Ngrongoro conservation area which has both wildlife and community living together, Serengeti national park the great wildebeest migration accompanied by large number of Zebra and small number of grants gazelle, Thomson’s gazelle, eland and impala which move annual pattern predictable migrants throughout the year.